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Susan Wasserman, MSW, LICSW

Susan has been in private practice as a psychotherapist and counselor for over 24 years.  As a therapist, Susan sees individuals and couples seeking help for a wide range of issues including depression, stress management, anxiety disorders, PTSD, grief, and relationship conflict. With humor and a warm and interactive style, Susan deeply joins with her clients to facilitate transformation.
Having personally and professionally experienced the value of blending innovative strategies into a traditional framework, Susan knows the value of establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship, and also has seen the benefits of integrating energy psychology, resource brainspotting, meditation, sound, dream interpretation, guided imagery, and even psychological astrology into her work with clients when appropriate. She is deeply aware that healing takes place when one feels heard, seen and understood.
Susan has a passion for learning, teaching and working with others in a variety of contexts. Staying current on leading edge psychotherapy approaches and healing strategies that include body, mind, and spirit, Susan practices and/or
teaches the following:
  • Brainspotting
  • Past Life Regression Therapist – trained by Brian Weiss, M.D.
  • Sound and Energy Healing – Combining crystal singing bowls and toning with subtle energy work in private sessions or groups.
  • EFT-ADV – Emotional Freedom Technique – Advanced Practitioner – individuals or groups
  • Emotion Code Certified Practitioner
  • Body Code Practitioner
  • Author of The Celestial Chorus Within - Using Astrology, Psychology, and the 12 Archetypal Energies to Facilitate Awareness and Personal Transformation
  • Teacher for the Spiritual Unfoldment Network* (S.U.N.) - Level 3
“Susan..been thinking of you and want to thank you for your intelligence, care, wisdom, and humor. When we worked together I always felt I was in partnership with someone with a listening heart and mind that was attuned to things hinted at and those that were left sometimes unsaid.”

Nancy Hornby, MSW, LICSW

Nancy has been a practicing psychotherapist and couselor for over 30 years  Trained in in-depth psychotherapy, Nancy did a two year post graduate internship at Family Service of Milwaukee during which time she sat on a Child Diagnostics Team.  She has a strong foundation in psychodynamic and Jungian therapy, into which she weaves creative and imaginative approaches.  Nancy loves working with dream interpretation and active imagination.  Heart centered and compassionate, Nancy is gifted at helping others enhance their insight and creativity and manifest their inherent potential.  Nancy has treated a wide variety of concerns within diverse populations.  Throught the years, Nancy has found helping others understand and resolve their depression to be particularly rewarding.

Nancy was active in social movements in the 1960’s and chairperson of the Consciousness Raising Group. She was one of the founders of Underground Switchboard, and the Children’s Co-Op. Receiving her undergraduate degree in art, Nancy continues to feel passionate about painting and creativity.

Nancy provides counseling For Indivduals, Couples and Children over 8.

"Dear Nancy,
Sometimes in the quiet I feel such gratefulness for all your helpful insight…and primarily your steadfastness of presence and availability. You were there for me to help lead me through a very dark time in my life.”

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