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All through our lives we experience trauma at different levels.  Some traumas may seem inconsequential while others are major and undeniable.  When trauma occurs, one responds with flight, fight, or freeze responses.  Often these automatic reactions do not allow for full processing, integration, or release.  Trauma remnants become part of our physiology and our psychology.  Over time, non-integrated trauma can contribute to the development of poor self esteem, anxiety, depression, physical conditions, interpersonal struggles and post traumatic stress.  Trauma can be a significant component of maladaptive emotional, psychological and physical responses and patterns.

Brainspotting is a focused cutting-edge treatment method that identifies, processes and releases core neurophysiological sources of emotional and physical pain, trauma, and self-defeating patterns.  This approach is both psychological and neurological.  There are many brainspots. A "brainspot" is an eye position that is held while the client is guided to keep gazing on the spot.  While gazing, the client mindfully observes their internal experience over time and lets whatever happens happen.  It is as if a brainspot is a key to accessing previously unaccessible files. These files, when opened, allow somatic and unconscious material to be processed and released in deeply profound ways to allow for healing.

The therapist mindfully attunes to the client, remaining acutely aware of verbal and nonverbal responses.  There are no assumptions made by the therapist as the client finds empowerment and authority from within.  Many strategies that are calming to the client (referred to as resources) are woven into the process to assure a feeling of security throughout the session.   Additionally, bio-lateral sound is used to facilitate the experience.

Clients find this way of working easily combines with talk therapy, and some express a preference to work primarily with Brainspotting.Clients have described Brainspotting sessions as timeless, sacred, experiential journeys that result in greater wholeness and a sense of well-being.  The number of Brainspotting sessions needed for benefit depends upon the nature of the work one is engaged in. 

Please refer to David Grand's (discoverer of Brainspotting) YouTubes and articles for more technical information regarding how this works.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a technique that has been referred to as psychological acupuncture.  While tapping on meridians (energy lines in the body), one welcomes unpleasant feelings followed by "tapping in" affirming messages. EFT is highly effective in the treatment of trauma and if used with persistence often reduces anxiety, anger, pain, shame, etc.  

Body Code

The Body Code includes an expanded version of the Emotion Code and may identify mental distortions, circuitry issues, pathogens, toxcicity, nutritional concerns, and structural problems.  It is a complete system designed to help address energetic imbalances that exist in six categories.  This system may be useful in dealing with emotional, mental, and physical concerns.

Emotion Code

Everything is essentially energetic in nature. That includes our emotions and thoughts. When events in our lives cause an emotional response, we may not fully process and release those emotions. Emotions can become trapped around our hearts or in other areas of our anatomy. Trapped emotions may interfere with the ability to give and receive love, experience joy, and live fully. Also, trapped emotions may contribute to physical imbalances. The Emotion Code uses a simple yet powerful protocol to release these emotions.  

Astrology Readings

Readings are given from a psychological perspective and focus upon the different energies and archetypal elements with a chart. The natal chart is a wonderful tool for understanding oneself, life long patterns, talents, conflicts, and relationship dynamics. (This type of reading is not predictive).

Inner Journeys continues to evolve and explore new therapies and techniques that help our clients. Check back soon for more information.